仮定8 || Hypothesis 8

katei 8
Hypothesis 8

Vocals: Kushi (Φ串Φ)
Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Arranged by: RD-Sounds
Album: Untitled ~Discontinuous Existence~ (名称未設定~非連続存在~) 【Official Site】
Circle: Diao ye zong (凋叶棕)
Publisher: vita sexualic (ゐた・せくすありす)
Event: C90
Original theme: Last Occultism ~ Esotericist of the Present World [ラストオカルティズム ~ 現し世の秘術師]

Requested by: 妖怪少女


Reading these lyrics makes me think about someone examining someone under a microscope.

To begin with, let’s check
Whether curses or blessings
Will fulfil you.

No matter which one you embrace,
Your soul is at a loss
In the sky’s vastness.
Are you scared?

and then
you die once more,
treading on the shadow of happiness.

If both states
Are right and wrong, then…

Ah… Anxious words fill the sky.
Somewhere beyond there, will you step forward?

You, a single occult being, are
You, a single perspective, and
You, a single melody.

The fish’s dream is something different.
Parting with it is also a type of freedom.

Which path should you follow?
Your soul is at a loss
In the sky’s blueness.
Have you lost your way?

Those words
are beautiful.
Those prayers
lead to this wonderful world.

If both of them
Are right and wrong, then…

Ah… Anxious words fill the sky.
Somewhere beyond there, will you step forward?

You, a single occult being, are
You, a single imperfection, and
You, a single boundary.

You, a single occult being, are
You, a single understanding, and
You, a single fantasy.

past lover

Shinsoupast lover

Vocals: lily-an
Lyrics: azuki
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: Shinso Diver (シンソウダイバー) 【Official Site】
Circle: Liz Triangle
Event: C90
Original Theme: Dullahan Under the Willows [柳の下のデュラハン]

Requested by: Kaii Schwartz


Azuki always writes the best lyrics. Based on how I translated this song, it seems that the speaker is trying to talk to their future self to find hope to make it through some tough times. In the end, the main message of the song is that, though the present may seem dark, there’s always the possibility of a brighter tomorrow. I think that’s a really positive message! The parts in (brackets) are occasionally related to the sentences they appear in, and occasionally aren’t.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Yes—you are you, and I am me.
I lived up until now by keeping my distance.
I put up a courageous, but doomed fight beneath the willows
And all I could do was pretend.
I wonder what my future self can see?
Where did my guiding light go?
Only shadows stretch out behind me.

Dear future self: what’s the future like?
I’m alone, and I don’t know where I’m going. I’m stuck.
Days that stay the same are so precious, (Though they’re foolish.)
But isn’t everyone only waiting (Including me)
With their heads stuck out for the arrival (the arrival)
Of change?

Up or down? Though they made my vision swim (Swimming around)
That contrary étranger just got in my way in my way. (A traveller)
I was secretly manipulated. I couldn’t take my eyes from them.
I ventured out, I got used to it, we met, we parted… Hah.
After all, nobody can live alone, can they?

Yes—you are you, and I am me.
I lived without mixing myself up in the world.
The morning star shines. So too does the mist
Though a red, red dawn descends.
Nothing will reach my future self.
Please, I just want them to tell me
Where I can find the meaning of this world.

Dear future self, or something like that (The past and the future…)
It’s that time now, too, right? (That’s not what I want)
I took out that lonely sign (I raised it high)
And I began to walk.

I just want to know. Though you let me peek at your face (Peek, hah.)
It made that thought channel, which gets in my way (Go wild.)
I was manipulated, and your voice mixed in with the static.
Saying I hate the past, present, and future—that’s nothing but an excuse.

But you are you, and I am me.
I lived up until now raising blossoms that gave no fruit.
Even if dawn breaks, bringing an end
To one fantastic night among 1000,
Nothing will reach my future self.
Please, I just want them to tell me
If there’s a place for me in this world…

Dear past self: (From the future)
The future isn’t as bad as you think. (Don’t lose your head over it.)
Even if you don’t know what’s important to you, (Surely, definitely.)
The things that seek to fill your cracked heart
Will be there forever.
Your heart will be warm. (Always, forever.) “O, light!”

Ah, I worried so much about the future
But the world was shining all along.
Now open up the door that leads to the world!
I just have to grab hold
Of that hand, stretched out without pride.
I’ll just look this way a little
And then the light will faintly illuminate my future self.
So, what’s important to me? I’ve figured it out: (Love is all.)
Throw away the scraps of pride you bear.
I love you all (My love, ah ah)
Because it’s precious, I’ll let go and leave myself behind
But because it’s precious, I won’t let go. (I won’t let go.)
Because I’m alive in this world.



Vocals: Mineko
Lyrics: Yuu Aoma (あおま夕雨)
Arranged by: Hiratake (平茸)
Album: Touhou Six String 03. – Ties [] 【Official Site】
Circle: Hachimitsu-Lemon x Aftergrow
Event: C90
Original Theme: Emotional Skyscraper ~ Cosmic Mind [感情の摩天楼 ~ Cosmic Mind]

Requested by: Gachi

It seems like these lyrics were transcribed by ear by a fan, so there might be some areas that aren’t formatted in the same way as in the booklet. Please let me know if there are any errors and I’ll fix them up right away…!

The song itself seems to be about Byakuren riding her motorbike through an empty skyscraper after something bad happened…

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

自分の選んだ道で 膝を突いて倒れた
いいさ いっそ 壊した

jibun no eranda michi de hiza wo tsuite taoreta
ii sa isso kowashita

I fell to my knees on the path I chose.
I’d rather have destroyed it.

朝を待つ 声は今も悲しみに震えてる
でも 一緒 みんなそんなもんさ

asa wo matsu koe wa ima wo kanashimi ni furueteru
demo issho minna sonna mon sa

I wait for dawn to come, and my voice still trembles with sadness.
But everyone’s the same.

独りで灰になってしまうこと ずっと恐れて

miyou mimane machigaete
hitori de hai ni natte shimau koto zutto osorete

I learned by watching others and I made my mistakes.
I was always afraid of becoming ash by myself…

きっと 一生孤独なら

doukasen ni hi wo tsukete kureru dareka wo mattemo
kitto isshou kodoku nara

Even if I wait for someone to light the fuse for me,
I’ll be alone forever. If so…

自分にもう嘘はつかない 心に決めた約束

jibun ni mou uso wa tsukanai kokoro ni kimeta yakusoku
itsuwari no kamen wa suteta

I won’t lie to myself again. I made that promise deep in my heart.
I threw away my false masks.

傷の音を体に浴びて 変われる予感を開いた拳で掴んで

kizu no oto wo karada ni abite kawareru yokan wo hiraita kobushi de tsukanda

I basked in the sound of my wounds and seized premonitions of change in my fist.

駆け抜けろ夜の摩天楼 鮮やかに煌めく街並み

kakenukero yoru no matenrou azayaka ni kirameku machinami
yoake wa mada tooku de nemuru

I race through the skyscraper at night. The townscape glistens vividly.
Dawn is still far away. I sleep.

振り払う孤独な感情 繰り返す日々禅問答

furi harau kodoku na kanjou kurikaesu hibi zenmondou
oi kaze kaki atsumete hashiri nukeru

I shake off my loneliness. I live through the same days, asking senseless questions.
Scraping together a tailwind, I’ll race to the end.

自分の大切なもの 人のため捨てること
だって 正解でも

jibun no taisetsu na mono hito no tame suteru koto
datte seikai demo

Sacrificing something important to me for the sake of someone else—
It’s the right thing to do, but still…

新しい世界が見たい 自分勝手とは違う

atarashii sekai ga mitai jibun katte to wa chigau
doko made taereba ii nda

I want to see a new world. It isn’t selfish!
How much more must I endure…

さよならもう二度と会わない 心に秘めた約束

sayounara mou nido to awanai kokoro ni himeta yakusoku
yokaze ga fuki tobasu namida

Farewell. We will never meet again. I concealed that promise in my heart.
The night wind blows away my tears.

誰もいない交差点 進むか戻るか

shiroku sakeru asamoya no naka
dare mo inai kousaten susumu ka modoru ka

In the white morning mist
I am at a deserted intersection. Shall I continue? Shall I return?

隠してた醜い自分も 愛した人を燃えるように

kakushiteta minikui jibun mo aishita hito wo moeru you ni
subete wo buchi kowashite hashire

So I can burn away my hidden ugliness and the one I loved,
I’ll destroy everything and run!

駆け抜けろ夜の摩天楼 焚き付けろ最後の衝動
嗚呼夜が遠ざかってく どこまででも飛ばせ

kakenukero yoru no matenrou yakitsukero saigo no shoudou
aa yoru ga toozakatteku doko made demo tobase

I’ll race through the skyscraper at night and stir up one final impulse.
Ah… The night dies away. I’ll fly to the ends of the earth…

Shuffle Shifting

SixShuffle Shifting

Vocals: Mineko
Lyrics: Yuu Aoma (あおま夕雨)
Arranged by: Hiratake (平茸)
Album: Touhou Six String 03. – Ties [] 【Official Site】
Circle: Hachimitsu-Lemon x Aftergrow
Event: C90
Original Theme: Maiden’s Capriccio [少女綺想曲 ~ Capriccio]

Requested by: Fran

I first looked through this song without listening to it, and I immediately thought it was a Renko x Merry track. Looking at the original theme, though, I’d say it’s actually a ReiMari track. It seems to be told exclusively from the perspective of one of them. They hold complicated feelings for the other…

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

笑ったの 重いな 疲れて
ふざけて傷付けて ただ

anata no omoi wo kowashite yoru ni suteta
kasuka na hikari wo tsubushite tooku ni nagekondara
kawasenai kotoba no tsumoru hibi wo kawashite
waratta no omoi na tsukarete
fuzakete kizutsukete tada

I destroyed your feelings and abandoned them in the night
I crushed that dim light and threw it far away. Then…
I avoided days full of words we couldn’t exchange.
I smiled. How heavy. I’m tired…
I just fooled around and hurt you.

曖昧 なんでもないのに切ない

uwatsuite chikadzuite
utsuroide hanarete yuku
aimai nan demo nai noni setsunai
futari wa shuffle

Acting frivolous, we draw closer.
We change and then begin to drift apart…
It’s so unclear. It’s not important, but it’s so painful.
Together, we shuffle.


hayasugite tachidomatte
ososugite toori sugita
furenai te wo furi bai bai shinai to
wakatteru keredo

You were too quick, and I stood still.
You were too slow, and I passed by you.
Still, I knew that we had to wave goodbye
With hands that couldn’t touch.


anata no tobashita omoi ni yubi ga fureta
kanata no sora kara todoita tegami wo hiraitara
okurete tsutaete kureta imi wo oshieta
akirete morashita toiki ga

I touched the feelings you sent flying.
I opened a letter that came from a distant sky. Then…
I learned something significant from it, though it was too late.
I was astonished. A sigh slipped from my lips.


subete wo kumorasete
mata usobuite “suki” tte itte
gomakashite kirai ni naru
kotae wo sagashite aruite
wasureta omoide ga furu

Now, everything has clouded over.
I boasted once more, telling you “I love you.”
I deceive you and begin to hate you.
I walk, searching for answers,
And forgotten memories rain down.

舞い上がって 突き落として
人混み 紛れたあなたは

miotoshite machigaete
mai agatte tsukiotoshite
hitogomi magireta anata wa
nido to wa aesou mo nai keredo

I lose sight of you and make a mistake.
I soar high and fall back down.
Still, you disappeared into a crowd of people
It didn’t seem like we’d meet again, but…


sayonara ienakatta na
saigo made utagatte
anata ga wakaranai mama
hanpa na yume wo mitara
ano mama irareta toshite
tagai ni omoide nagutte
sayonara ieta toshite
nani ga kawatta?

I guess I couldn’t bid you farewell.
I doubted you till the end.
Without understanding you at all,
I had an incomplete dream.
If we could stay as we were,
Then our feelings would come into conflict.
If I said farewell to you,
What would have changed?


kurikaesu kanchigai
sore sura mo kore de owari
hitotsu mo kawari no nai mama
sekai wa mujou ni shift suru

Repeated misunderstandings.
Even they will end here.
Without changing even a little,
The world heartlessly shifts.

運命の人違い それでもね
嘘だよ 逸らして隠して
失くして気が付いて でも

unmei no hitochigai sore demo ne
“anata ga ii”
uso da yo sorashite kakushite
nakushite ki ga tsuite demo

I mistook you for my soulmate, but…
“I hope you’re the one for me.”
It was a lie. I turned away and hid away.
I realised I lost you. Still…


uwatsuite chikadzuite
utsuroide hanarete yuku
katachi ga kamiawanai mama bara bara
futari wa shuffle

Acting frivolous, we draw closer.
We change and then begin to drift apart…
We remain scattered, without meshing together.
Together, we shuffle.


ayafuya ni suki ni natte
uyamuya ni kirai ni natta
anata no kimochi wa ima demo
zenbu wa wakaranai keredo…

I fell in love with you, vaguely.
I began to hate you, indecisively.
But I still don’t understand
How you feel, even now…

時計の針、吐息と重なり || The Clock Keeps Time with My Sighs

Pizuya 1時計の針、吐息と重なり
tokei no hari, toiki to kasanari
The Clock Keeps Time with My Sighs

Vocals:  Ranko (ランコ)
Lyrics: Rudder-k
Arranged by: Pizuya
Album: The Maze of Time Paradoxia (タイムパラドクシアの迷宮) 【Official Site】
Circle: Pizuya’s Cell (ぴずやの独房)
Event: C90
Original Theme: Schrödinger’s Bakeneko [シュレディンガーの化猫]

Requested by: Eiki

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


kusunda shiro
tomadoi ga majiri atte ima
oto mo naku chigau iro ni utsutteku

A dull white
Now mixes with my confusion.
Soundlessly, it changes into another colour.


hashiri dashita
nani mo kamo nage sutete mo mada
nige dashita riyuu kara wa
nige dasezu ni iru

I began to run.
Though I threw everything away,
I still cannot escape
From the reason why I started running.


kimi dake ni tsutaetai
heikousen tadoru saki
nozomu nara sono mirai
futashika ni tsudzuku

I want to tell only you
After following parallel lines.
If you wish it, then that future
Will continue on indefinitely.


owari no nai uzu no soko
sakamaite aruite iku
mizu no oto ga kiete nao
yurushi wo kou darou

At the bottom of an endless vortex,
I struggle against the current and walk on.
The sound of the water vanishes.
Perhaps I seek forgiveness…


mimimoto sasayaku kasuka na koe
himitsu no kotaeawase
mimi wo sumasu shigusa wo azawarau
kanjiru toiki

A faint voice whispers into my ear
Confirming certain secrets.
They sneer at me as I listen carefully.
I feel a sigh against my neck…


kakikesareta asai kokyuu
kimi no koto ga shiritai
tsutanai kotoba de mou kamawanai

My shallow breaths were drowned out.
I want to know more about you…
I don’t even care if it’s through crude words anymore.


kareta namida kawaku nodo
katamuku shisen no saki
itsuka kitto ori no naka
kimi wo mitsuke dasu

My tears have stopped. My throat is dry.
Beyond my slanted gaze,
I will eventually discover you,
Trapped in a cage.


tada sugita toki wo natsukashimi
kanashimi ni kureru nara
ikisaki ga yami darou to
ayumi tsudzukeyou

Rather than being lost in sadness,
Yearning for times that have passed me by,

I will keep walking
Even if my destination is darkness.


shikai wa kuro
issai no nigori mo nai iro
utsukushii kyoufu wa tada mi wo kogasu

My field of view is dark,
A completely clear colour.
I burn, feeling a beautiful dread.

ここは何処 自問自答

toki dake ga maki modotta you
koko wa doko jimonjitou
nani mo wakaranai

I stood still
As if only time had wound backwards.
‘Where am I,’ I wondered to myself.
I didn’t know anything.


fujiyuu ga habataite
ryuusenkei wo nashiteku
tsukamaeta dousen ni
mada ma ni au kana

The impaired one flaps their wings
Seeking an aerodynamic shape.
Are they still in time
For the flow line they seized?


toomawari no ikikata wo
bukiyou da to kimetsukete
chikamichi wo sagasu hito ni
naritaku wa nai yo

Some believe that a life full of detours
Is just awkward,
And they search for shortcuts.
I don’t want to be like them.


miminari hibiite
atama no naka shihai sareta shunkan
kie kaketa imi ga boyakete mieta
musubu shouten

A buzzing echoes in my ears.
The moment I was controlled by my mind,
I could faintly see a meaning, which had almost disappeared.
I tie the foci together.


ikiru imi wo shinda imi wo
kono mi ni kizanda nara
mirai wo wasurete ima kakageyou

If I carved the reason why I’m alive and the reason why I died
Into this body of mine,
Then I’ll forget about the future and carry them before me now.


mimimoto sasayaku kasuka na koe
himitsu no kotaeawase
mimi wo sumasu shigusa wo azawarau
kanjiru toiki

A faint voice whispers into my ear
Confirming certain secrets.
They sneer at me as I listen carefully.
I feel a sigh against my neck…


kakikesareta asai kokyuu
kimi no koto ga shiritai
tsutanai kotoba de mou kamawanai

My shallow breaths were drowned out.
I want to know more about you…
I don’t even care if it’s through crude words anymore.

貴女には見えて私には見えないもの || The Things You Can See That I Cannot

anata ni wa miete watashi ni wa mienai mono
The Things You Can See That I Cannot

Vocals: Ranko
Lyrics: Comp
Arranged by: Comp
Album: FREAKS 【Official Site】
Circle: BUTAOTOME (豚乙女)
Event: C90
Original Theme: The Taboo Membrane Wall [禁忌の膜壁]
【Visit Tiramisu Cowboy for everything BUTAOTOME!】

That chorus, though. To begin with, I thought it was just some original material, but I realised how it fits into the original theme after giving it another listen – it’s that bit that starts 24 seconds in. Good job Comp, good job.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


sarasara nagareyuku kawamo ni utsushita kyou toiu hi wo
giragira kagayaita mahiru to nomikomu mayonaka no kuro

Today was reflected upon the surface of the flowing river.
The river sparkled in the midday and turned black when it was engulfed by midnight…


hibi wo tsunagu ito wa hosoku nagaku tsuyoi mono de
sugu ni kiresou demo kirenai no ga fushigi de

The thread tying the days together is thin, long, and strong
It looks like it will snap, but it doesn’t. How curious…


anata ni wa miete watashi ni wa mienai mono wo
kakitomeraretara mukougawa sawaresou da yo

When I write down the things you can see that I cannot,
I’ll be able to encounter the other side!

ゆらゆら揺らめいてる模様 形は変わり続ける

yurayura yurameiteru moyou katachi wa kawaritsudzukeru
yogoreta te de furete shimaeba yogoreta moyou ni kawaru

The swaying pattern continues to change its shape.
If I touch it with my tainted hands, it will become a tainted pattern.


usui maku wo yurashi kikoete kuru michi no shirabe
ninchi dekinai mono “kanjiteru” wo okashite

I can hear a strange melody. It shakes the thin membrane
And makes me feel things that cannot be comprehended.


anata ni wa miete watashi ni wa mienai mono wo
katachi ni dekitara kitto mirai made nokoru yo

If the things you can see that I cannot can be put into form,
Then they’ll surely last into the future!

紙に綴ろうよ すぐに消せない『モノ』として

anata ni wa miete watashi ni wa mienai mono wo
kami ni tsudzurou yo sugu ni kesenai “mono” toshite
anata ni wa miete watashi ni wa mienai mono wo
katachi ni dekitara kitto mirai made nokoru yo

Let’s write down the things you can see that I cannot.
On paper, they will be ‘something’ and will be slow to fade away.
If the things you can see that I cannot can be put into form,
Then they’ll surely last into the future!



Vocals + Lyrics: ill.bell, 妖狐 (Yoko), 抹 (Matsu), ytr, Romonosov?, 司芭扶 (Shibafu), Rapbit (らっぷびと), Ginryu, 雨天決行 (Utenkekkou), AO
Arranged by: Coro
Album: STELLA 【Official Site】
Circle: TAMAONSEN (魂音泉)
Event: C90
Original Themes: –Love-Coloured Magic [恋色マジック]
Casket of Star [星の器]

Requested by: eli

I still think that TAMAONSEN’s lyrics are among the hardest lyrics to translate. Still, it’s a lot of fun, even if it’s impossible to make the translated lyrics line up with the original rapping. The singer of each section is listed above the Japanese lyrics.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

忘れてないぜ 全部 記憶えてるよ
幻想と信仰と 無明を導いた信号灯
今日もお仕事 塗り替えるシーンごと
暗号のように 点と点を線に
織り成すストーリー it‘s like this, listen up

hoshi no kazu hodo aru monogatari
sora ni akogareta no wa
ano hi no gureizu
ano hi no supaaku
wasuretenai ze zenbu oboeteru yo
gensou to shinkou to mumyou wo michibiita shingoutou
kyou mo o-shigoto nurikaeru shiin-goto
angou no you ni ten to ten wo sen ni
orinasu sutoorii it’s like this, listen up

There are as many stories as there are stars.
I longed for something in the sky…
The graze points from that day,
The spark from that day,
I’m not gonna forget ‘em! I’ll remember ‘em all!
Illusions and faith are signposts leading the ignorant.
I’ve gotta work today, too! I’ve gotta repaint this entire scene.
I join the dots with a line, like a hidden code.
I weave together a story. It’s like this, listen up.

妖狐 (Yoko)
落ちた林檎は元に戻せないし その先は確かに未経験だってことだけ
どうってことない どうせ行ったら戻って来ない
きっともう会えなくなる 思い出さえ居なくなる? S.T.A.Y
同じ星を見た天体望遠鏡 それぞれのロケーション
のぼせないように でもたまには温泉郷からお届けしようかな
STELLA 言葉と音の結晶 好きなことが好きでいられるなら
何度でも旅立てる Space Travel, COZMIC DRIVE.

jishou no chiheisen no sotogawa kara yosou shiteta kikensei to wa
ochita koi wa moto ni modosenai shi sono saki wa tashika ni mikeiken datte koto dake
dou tte koto nai douse ittara modotte konai
kitto mou aenaku naru omoide sae inaku naru? S. T. A. Y
onaji hoshi wo mita tentai bouenkyou sorezore no rokeeshon
nobosenai you ni demo tama ni wa onsenkyou kara o-todoke shiyou ka na
STELLA kotoba to oto no kesshou suki na koto ga suki de irareru nara
nando demo tabidateru Space Travel, COZMIC DRIVE.

The danger I predicted from beyond the event horizon line
Is just the inability to return a fallen apple (love) and my inexperience of what lies beyond.
Who cares! Anyway, once you go on, there’s no going back.
We definitely can’t meet again. Will even my memories disappear? S.T.A.Y
The telescopes looked at the same star from their respective locations
So we couldn’t record them. But sometimes, perhaps TAMAONSEN will tell you?
Stella! The crystallisation of words and sounds. If I can like the things I like,
Then I’ll embark on a journey countless times. Space travel, cosmic drive.

抹 (Matsu)
瞳閉じれば見えなくなる 青い夜空で星と月が笑う
肩落とすなよ八百万のHOMIE 未来は俺たちの言う通り
俺は乗らないタイムマシーン 今に注ぐぜこの魂
BREAK THE WALL それじゃ次はどこに行こう
Limitならとっくにover 遥か下にあの日見上げた空
次は何がお前を照らすそりゃ me& we,cuz 俺ら STELLA

hitomi tojireba mienaku naru aoi yozora de hoshi to tsuki ga warau
kata otosu na yo yaoyorozu no HOMIE mirai wa oretachi no iu toori
tonari no FAME ga urayamashii? jibun no ashimoto ga utagawashii?
ore wa noranai taimumashiin ima ni sosogu ze kono tamashii
BREAK THE WALL sore ja tsugi wa doko ni ikou
“oretachi dattara ikeru doko demo”
onboro roketto ni hi wo irero
“oretachi dattara ikeru doko demo”
Limit nara tokku ni over haruka shita ni ano hi miageta sora
tsugi wa nani ga omae wo terasu sorya me & we, cuz orera STELLA

When I close my eyes, I can’t see. The moon and the stars smile in the blue night sky.
Don’t drop your shoulders, homies! The future will turn out like we say it will.
Are you jealous of your neighbour’s fame? Do you doubt the ground at your feet?
I won’t ride a time machine. Now, I’ll concentrate my spirit!
Break the wall! Now, where should we go next?
“We can go anywhere!”
Set fire to the worn-out rocket!
“We can go anywhere!”
We’ve already gone over our limits! The sky we looked up at that day is far below us.
What’s going to shine on you next? It’s me, it’s us, ‘cause we’re stella!

スキマの仕業 目を覚まし置かれていた手紙が歌詞
音の泉探して裏道 とうの昔に辿り着いてた魂が幻想入り
ほら、なるようになる 空が澄み渡る夜には魔法がかかる
ゆっくりした時間 待ち合わせは一番星の下
視線感じるスキマから 飽きること無く好きだから
今日も使う 言葉を乗せる程度の能力 刺激される創造力
活発に動く前頭葉 行き来しまくるぜ幻想郷
空に祈る この音がアナタへと届くまで

sukima no shiwaza me wo samashi okarete ita tegami ga kashi
oto no izumi sagashite uramichi tou no mukashi ni tadoritsuiteta tamashii ga gensou iri
hora, naru you ni naru sora ga sumiwataru yoru ni  wa mahou ga kakaru
yukkuri shita jikan machiawase wa ichiban-boshi no shita
shisen kanjiru, sukima kara akiru koto naku suki dakara
kyou mo tsukau kotoba wo noseru teido no nouryoku shigeki sareru souzouryoku
kappatsu ni ugoku zentouyou, ikiki shi makuru ze gensoukyou
sora ni inoru kono oto ga anata e to todoku made

Careless deeds. The letter I left behind when I woke up contained lyrics.
I search for a spring of sounds in a back alley. The soul that struggled on long ago has entered fantasy.
Come, what will be will be. The sky clears up, and I’ll cast a spell at night.
During a restful time, we decided to meet up beneath the first star.
I love you without getting tired, from the gap I feel in my line of sight,
So I’ll use my ability again today, enough to put into words. My creativity is stimulated.
My frontal love actively works. I’ll come and go and end up back in Gensokyo.
I’ll pray to the sky until this song reaches you.

例えば太陽と水溜まり 蟻と螽斯
常に頭に有り 胸がつっかえて目覚めたMORNING,EARLY
これは敢えての遠回りさ でも正直そういうのもアリ

tatoeba taiyou to mizutamari ari to kirigirisu
tsune ni atama ni ari mune ga tsukkaete mezameta MORNING,EARLY
mada ma ni aimasuka? kimi ga iru basho wa kitto sou tooku wa nai
kore wa aete no toumawari sa demo shoujiki sou iu no mo ari
surikireta sooru de karuku hashiri dasu
gingatetsudou no yoru wo kikkake ni hanatareta omoi ga todoku made
soshite kimi no omoi uketoru made
tatoe ichioku kounen hanarerareteta tte hanatareta tte tatteru nante koto wa shinai no sa
kono omoi yo hyakunen-go no sora ni hibike!

For example, the sun and the puddles, ants and crickets…
They’re always on my head. My chest is all clogged up. I woke up early in the morning.
Can I make it in time? I’m sure the place you’re at isn’t too far away…
I’m taking a deliberate detour, but honestly, these sorts of things exist, too.
I began to lightly run in worn-out shoes.
I take the Milky Way railroad in the night as my cue until my feelings reach you
And until I receive your feelings.
Even if 100 million light years separate us, I won’t just stand there and snivel!
O, feelings of mine! Resound through the sky, even after a hundred years!

司芭扶 (Shibafu)
雨のち晴れ 貴方と別れ 浅傷抱え 俺からの手向け
たまの休憩 遥か昔からあった二組の歌留多
酒飲み明かして 騒いで 境目の見えない過去は淡くて
怪しげな桜 眺めては明日 今を伝える君が語り
小さな蕾が花咲かすまで 割れた世界線の先描いてる
一炊先は幻 夢物語に今日も片思い

“ichiban-boshi mitsuketa” demo kieteku senaka ga hitsuketa
kidzukeba ano hi ga waraibanashi nara kanashii kimochi wa sora no hate
ame nochi hare, anata to wakare asade kakae ore kara no tamuke
tama no kyuukei haruka mukashi kara atta nikumi no karuta
sake nomiakashite sawaide sakaime no mienai kako wa awakute
ayashige na sakura nagamete wa ashita ima wo tsutaeru kimi ga katari
chiisana tsubomi ga hana sakasu made wareta sekaisen no saki egaiteru
issuisaki wa maboroshi yumemonogatari ni kyou mo kataomoi

“I found the first star!” But, from behind, you were on fire.
I realised that, while we told funny stories back then, sadness was there at the edge of the sky.
Rainy, then sunny. I part from you, bearing shallow wounds. It’s a tribute from me to you.
I take a break occasionally with two sets of karuta cards I’ve had since long ago.
I drink the night away and make a fuss. I could never see the boundary, but my past is fleeting.
I’ll gaze at the suspicious cherry blossoms tomorrow, but you tell me about them today.
Until those small buds bloom, I’ll draw up the place beyond the world line.
The place beyond the current is an illusion. I keep feeling unrequited love toward wild tales…

Rapbit (らっぷびと)
案外、泡沫?それでも核心的なBE WITH YOU
MADE IN BELIEVER いびつさえフェードイン・フェードアウト
(wow wow)僕らは魂交わす
STELLA 煌めいた夢は当然「さいきょーね!」と宣おうぜ

hitorikkiri x dokoka no hitorikkiri ga miageru
ano sansan to utsushiyo ni saita STARMINE
angai, utakata? sore demo kakushin-teki na BE WITH YOU
MADE IN BELIEVER ibitsu sae feedoin feedoauto
(wow wow) bokura wa tamashii kawasu
jisaboke nanka de zureta hari wa, ima tadashiku awasu yo
STELLA kirameita yume wa touzen “saikyoo ne!” to notamaou ze

All by themselves, someone looks up at the sky.
That starmine bloomed brilliantly in this world.
Unexpected, transient? Still, I just want to be with you.
I’m ‘made in believer’! Even distortions will fade in and fade out.
(Wow, wow!) We exchange souls.
The clock hands, dislocated by jet-lag, properly come together.
Stella! I’ve gotta tell everyone my shining dream is the best!

まるで無茶な要求ばかりを紡ぐ それでも歩みを止めない凡愚
裏目に出るジョーク 冷めても、目覚めても
何とも運任せな毎日を重ね 織り成していた図

aa, mohaya ban wo matsu koto mo naku koko ni aru sutaa
da to iu noni mitasarezu uzuku sono mune ni fuan
yamai wa utsurige na metsuki de mata mo ubai toru sutaato
kami ga iru no naraba ichikin no pan de subete wo mitashite kure
marude mucha na youkyuu bakari wo tsumugu sore demo ayumi wo tomenai bongu
urame ni deru jooku sametemo, mezametemo
nan to mo un makase na mainichi wo kasane orinashite ita zu
saa heikousen-jou wo mawaru sono asu wa

Ah… a star is right here, no longer waiting for night to fall.
Even saying that, I’m not fulfilled. I feel unease in my aching chest.
My illness starts to plunder away in my whimsy look.
If God exists, then appease everything with a single loaf of bread!
The foolish people just spin out absurd demands, but they don’t stop walking.
The joke backfires. Though I cool down, though I wake up,
Those days when I left everything to fate pile up, forming an interweaved map.
Now tomorrow goes around on parallel lines!

雨天決行 (Utenkekkou)
結局俺が俺である所以 潰しても切っても俺である故
精解唱える性悪説 また世界が違えど不正アクセス
雨振り地固まる 痛みを知ってりゃ力と成る
目前壁が有ったって行くだけ 何も恐れずに当たって砕け
空に架かる 俺だけのVERSE 迷った時は光を放つ
世界線跨いで未来を照らす答案さ「俺は俺になる」LAST ANSWER

kekkyoku ore ga ore de aru yue tsubushitemo kittemo ore de aru yue
seikai tonaeru seiakusetsu mata sekai ga chigaedo fusei akusesu
amefuri chi katamaru itami wo shitterya chikara to naru
mokuzen kabe ga atta tte iku dake nani mo osorezu ni atatte kudake
itsumo garasu-goshi no kimi ni utsutta ore no hyoujou
sore ga mata sukoshi dake demo waratteta n nara ore wa honto honmou
sora ni kakaru ore dake no VERSE mayotta toki wa hikari wo hanatsu
sekaisen mataide mirai wo terasu touan sa “ore wa ore ni naru” LAST ANSWER

Because I’m me, and because even if you crush me or cut me, I’m me…
Humans are depraved. That’s right! Though our worlds are still different, it’s just hacking.
The rain falls, and the ground hardens. Once you know pain, it becomes your strength.
There’s a wall in front of me, so I just have to go. If I hit it without being afraid, I’ll break it.
My expression was always reflected in you, beyond the glass.
I wish it would become a smile again, even just a little.
A verse spans the sky, only for me. When I’m lost, I set off a light.
My answer spans the world line, lighting up the future: “I will become me.” It’s my last answer.

今に分かるタイミング 逃しっぱなし
それが俺等 STELLA 一人一人が主役の舞台T to da O to da S

dorai na ai de tsumugarete kita to omowaretemo itashikata aru mai
ima ni wakaru taimingu nogashippanashi
ureru urenai yori fure ai ni sugatta sugata bakka datta na
gaki no o-yuugikai mo kiwamereba furueru you na netsuryou ni osowareru
sore ga orera STELLA hitori hitori ga shuyaku no butai T to da O to da S

I started thinking we were spun together by dry love, but there’s no way.
And now, with this timing, I keep letting you loose.
Rather than selling or not selling, there were nothing but people clinging to each other.
When I make it to the end of a children’s sport carnival, I’m attacked by a passion so strong it makes me shake.
That’s our STELLA. One by one, the stars take to the stage. T to the O to the S!

見つけた 俺だけのSTELLA
(It shines upon everything As long as we are breathing)
泣きそうな日も 見上げれば ほら
(It shines upon everything As long as we are breathing)
なゆたに 浮かべたそれらを
(Up in the sky high Up in the sky high)
繋げて 名付けた星座
(Just tell us,you STELLA shinin’ up in the sky)

mitsuketa ore dake no STELLA
(It shines upon everything As long as we are breathing)
nakisou na hi mo miagereba hora
(It shines upon everything As long as we are breathing)
nayuta ni ukabeta sorera wo
(Up in the sky high Up in the sky high)
tsunagete nadzuketa seiza
(Just tell us,you STELLA shinin’ up in the sky)

I’ve found it – a STELLA for me alone!
(It shines upon everything, as long as we are breathing.)
Even when you want to cry, just look up at the sky!
(It shines upon everything, as long as we are breathing.)
Look up at the countless stars, which float in the sky.
(Up in the sky, high up in the sky, high.)
Connect the named constellations.
(Just tell us, you STELLA shinin’ up in the sky.)



Vocals: Murasaki Hotaru (紫咲ほたる)
Lyrics: Murasaki Hotaru (紫咲ほたる)
Arranged by: MARIN
Album: Tragical Garnet 【Official Site】
Circle: EastNewSound
Event: C90
Original Theme: At the End of Spring [春の湊に]

Requested by: You Nakahara

The speaker looks upon the petals floating in the water, and is swept away…

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


yureru minamo ni utsuru hanabira tachi ni miokurarete
sotto sukuu tenohira yawaraka na kodou
tsugi no basho ni mukatte nagasareru no mo warukunai ne
sonna koto kangaete sukoshi mabuta wo tojita

I am seen off by the flowers, reflected upon the water’s trembling surface.
I feel a gentle throbbing in my hand as I softly scoop up the water.
I guess it isn’t bad to be swept away toward the next spot, like the flowers.
Contemplating such things, I closed my eyes…


atataka na hikari ni izanaware yume wo miteru
mada minu sekai e yura yura meguri megutte yuku no
kore kara deau anata to nani wo hanasou ka na
takanaru mune kuchibiru ni nosete

Led away by the warm sunlight, I begin to dream.
I head to worlds I haven’t seen yet, one after the other.
What will I talk about with you when we meet later?
I can feel my throbbing heartbeat in my lips…

移り変わる色彩 花弁たちを見送ってる

utsurikawaru shikisai hanabira tachi wo miokutteru
totemo itooshiki mono mata kurikaeshite
tsugi no basho wa ittai donna suteki na keshiki darou
sonna koto kangaete sukoshi mabuta wo tojita

The colours around me shift, and I watch the petals as they pass by.
Oh, how I love them. I watch them once more.
I wonder what sort of landscape awaits them at their next destination?
Contemplating such things, I closed my eyes…


sukitooru hikari ni tsutsumarete yume wo miteru
mada minu sekai e yura yura meguri megutte yuku no
kore kara deau anata to nani wo hanasou ka na
mai chiru hitohira ni saku kotoba

Enveloped by the transparent light, I begin to dream.
I head to worlds I haven’t seen yet, one after the other.
What will I talk about with you when we meet later?
Words bloom among the petals as they dance down.

花の記憶 || Memories of Flowers

hana no kioku
Memories of Flowers

Vocals: lily-an
Lyrics: azuki
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: Touhou PARTYBOX 2  【Official Site】
Circle: Liz Triangle
Published by: Melonbooks
Event: C90
Original Theme: Nostalgic Blood of the East ~ Old World [懐かしき東方の血 ~ Old World]

Requested by: Rachelle Lee


I originally thought this song was about Keine eating someone, but… I don’t think it is now. Instead, it feels like Keine is reflecting on humanity, remembering one of her friends/lovers who passed away. Whose memories does she rewrite? And why does she do it…? Let your imagination guide you…

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Humans sometimes dance with emotion,
Continuing to bear meaningless weights.
The sounds of language are written down in history.

But someday, contradictions will be overwritten,
ecoming a stage of manufactured flowers
Submerged deeply in shadows.

Good children should block their ears
And sleep.

Once you hear a lullaby, lock the doors…

The perfectly clear glow of the new moon 
Shines cruelly down upon those who fear it.
Even if they forget, I will remember
Their sad smile, which sent shivers down my spine.

Meetings are just like windflowers.
They provide me with a ‘self’ I am incapable of.

I am only half, but are they my missing piece?

Wicked children should listen carefully
And be afraid!

Do not think you can go home – come, this way!

Eyes shine in the half moon, which casts down human shadows.
Red surges in them, and they sweetly throb in that cruel beast.
Even if they forget, I will remember
Their smile, which came as they reached the end of their life.

Their limited time came to an end,
Though they knew that such an end would come.
They once spoke to me
About the fear of being alone and their fleeting memories, on the hill where windflowers bloom

In the dim landscape, the light of the full moon
Is white and transparent. Even my resolution grows unstable.
Even if they forget, I will remember
When I rewrite memories.
I do it so that person, who I want to protect, can smile…

灯る面影、夢で咲いたなら || If Your Face, Lit Up, Blooms in My Dream

tomoru omokage, yume de saita nara
If Your Face, Lit Up, Blooms in my Dream

Vocals: Yuzuki Risa (柚木梨沙)
Lyrics: Okuyama Namari (奥山ナマリ)
Arranged by: Okuyama Namari (奥山ナマリ)
Album: Touhou PARTYBOX 2  【Official Site】
Circle: Shoujo Fractal (少女フラクタル)
Published by: Melonbooks
Event: C90
Original Theme: Sakura Sakura ~ Japanize Dream [さくらさくら ~ Japanize Dream]

Requested by: 中原ほたる

I think this song is definitely related to Yuyuko – she seems to be remembering someone close to her. The constant tree metaphors makes me think it could be the Saigyou Ayakashi. But it’s quite open-ended. There were some challenging phrases in there…

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


tomoru omokage itsuka shirazu
doko de mita no ka to
kareta ki ga hana no iro wo wasureta you ni

I saw your face, lit up, and though I did not know when,
I wondered if I had seen it before.
I am like a withered tree who has forgotten the colour of its flowers.


omoidasenai shiranai hazu
sore demo matataku
usubeni ga kurui saita kasumu maboroshi

I cannot remember, I should not know.
Even so, something sparkles—
It is a hazy illusion, of light pink flowers blooming out of season.


ki ni natte shimatta dokoka hikarete ita
myou na kishikan tadotte
tada no kyoumi de wa owarenai ki ga shite
chi no hate made mo kuraitsukusu

I realised that I had been charmed somewhere before.
I follow this strange déjà vu,
Feeling like it is not just plain curiosity.
I shall devour it, to the end of the earth!


ichido dake demo kono toki dake demo
kioku no bourei yomigaeraseru

Even if it is just this once, for just one time,
I will revive the ghosts of my memories.


tomoru omokage itsuka shirazu
doko de mita no ka to
kareta ki ga hana no iro wo wasureta you ni

I saw your face, lit up, and though I did not know when,
I wondered if I had seen it before.
I am like a withered tree who has forgotten the colour of its flowers.


kitto kono mama sakanai hazu
soredemo matataku
usubeni ga kurui saita kasumu maboroshi

It is impossible for them to bloom like this.
Even so, they sparkle—
It is a hazy illusion of light pink, blooming out of season.


kuroi me ni utsuru akiraka na shiawase
sore bakari sagashite ita
ki ga tsukenakatta atarisawari no nai
nagareru hi ni kakureta mono

I searched for happiness, obvious to me whilst I was alive. (1)
That was all I searched for.
It was something I could not see, hidden in each day as it passed by,
Without a single obstacle in the way.


ichido to iwazu kono saki zutto
kioku no bourei wasureraretara

I will continue like this always, not just for a single time,
If I forget the ghosts of my memories.


tomoru omokage ano hi tashika
koko de saiteita
kasuka demo yakitsuite wa nando mo yogiru
sono shiawase mo kono kanashimi mo
hitotsu ni furimaku
kyuukutsu na usumurasaki negai wo hanatsu

Your face, lit up, certainly bloomed here
On that day.
My memories are etched into my mind, however faintly, and they keep floating by.
My happiness and my sadness…
I scatter them as one.
A formal shade of light purple releases my wishes.


osanai koro ka yume no naka ka
nuiawaseru toki
sono dokoke de ki ga tsuitemo wasureta kotoni
tomoru omokage shiranai hazu
sore demo matataku
usubeni ga kurui saita kasumu maboroshi

Was it during my childhood? Or perhaps in a dream…
When those times were sewn together,
I noticed something somewhere inside, and then I forgot it.
I should not recognise your face, lit up.
Even so, it sparkles—
It is a hazy illusion of light pink flowers blooming out of season.

_ _ _ _ _

(1) 黒い目 (kuroi me) is often used to represent someone being alive. For example, 目の黒いうち (me no kuroi uchi – whilst my eyes remain black).