Album art.

ピンククラゲと、そっと、キスをした。 || I Gently Kissed a Pink Jellyfish.

Album art.

pinku kurage to, sotto, kisu o shita.
I Gently Kissed a Pink Jellyfish.

Vocals: あよ (Ayo)
Lyrics: みゅい (Myui, previously known as Caral)
Arranged by: kaztora, 清水”カルロス”宥人 (Shimizu “Carlos” Yuto)
Album: カリスマ煉獄天神 (The Charismatic Purgatory Goddess) [Official site]
Circle: 森羅万象 (Shinra-Bansho)
Event: C98
Original themes: The Lamentations Known Only by Jizo [地蔵だけが知る哀嘆]
Jelly Stone [ジェリーストーン]

Requested by: Siti

This was an interesting track to translate since the formatting of the lyrics doesn’t necessarily match how they’re sung…


I crammed one in and lost one. I cram two in and they’re dyed white.
The cold ice remains unmelting. They’re just words that can’t be exchanged now.

Faced with someone’s signals, I cowered and looked the other way: “I could change.”
I couldn’t say it and raised my head to a sky of bluffs.
I started running. The bubbles longing for the distant blue world vanished in the wind.
The long-awaited colours of daybreak won’t come so rainbow flowers float.
I gently kissed a pink jellyfish.

I closed my eyes, wandered alone, then opened them.
Flapping clear wings, my heart was etched and encircled.
I began to no longer understand.

With stagnant regrets, I was pretentious and sought love.
My tears flow and fall, mixed with the pretty raindrops.

The distant blue world and the love I longed for were shining.
Only pain pierced and rippled the water’s surface.
Even your smile will become a momentary rainbow.

I reached out but couldn’t touch the downpouring, shining blue world.
I hung my head, with the cheers and my future self who I witnessed in a dream.

I started running in the suspended sky. I’m not scared, so my heart is rugged.
I pile up the round stones which sparkle with a flash and tumble over.
Small sparks scatter with the water and moon, gently, forever.
Ah, ah…


One response to “ピンククラゲと、そっと、キスをした。 || I Gently Kissed a Pink Jellyfish.”

  1. Wings -9S Avatar
    Wings -9S

    Thank you for translating this!
    I really love this song!

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