リズム || Rhythm


Vocals: Yura Mari (結良まり)
Lyrics: interface
Composed by: bermei.inazawa
Album: berpop melodies & Remixies vol.2
Circle: studioCampanella
Released on: 24/04/2014

Requested by: Awoo
Subtitled video courtesy of Awoo Music:

This was originally a transcription request. I had most of it down, but I was tearing my hair out over a few bits, so I decided to Google some of the lyrics I had so far. Through some miraculous accident, I stumbled across the creator’s notes, which naturally included the lyrics! The notes were actually quite helpful – if some parts seem off when compared to the original Japanese, it’s because I altered the translation to fit with the creator’s notes. The speaker is a young woman, and the song should have a feeling of weightlessness and joy (there’s also some beautiful language and imagery scattered throughout). Perhaps I’ll see if I can translate all of the creator’s notes one day…

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

風が髪をなでる 羽は時を待つ
いま 遠くまで空がみえる

kaze ga kami wo naderu hane wa toki wo matsu
ima tooku made sora ga mieru

The wind brushes against my hair. My feathers wait for their chance…
Now, I can see the sky stretching into the distance.

まだ 前の音は消えない
先をゆく その高鳴りは胸にみちて ひろがりながら

mada mae no oto wa kienai
saki wo yuku sono takanari wa mune ni michite hirogari nagara

The noise from before does not fade away, still.
I head forward, as that ringing fills my chest and spreads outwards.

涙はつたわり 流れるながれる
わずかに遅れて 言葉が追いかける
遠く消える声 ひかれあう影
長すぎることはなく 短すぎることもないリズム

namida wa tsutawari nagareru nagareru
watzuka ni okurete kotoba ga oikakeru
tooku kieru koe hikareau kage
nagasugiru koto wa naku mijikasugiru koto mo nai rizumu

My tears of joy circulate, and flow freely, flow freely.
My words, slightly delayed, follow after them.
That voice vanishes far away. The shadows are drawn together. (1)
It’s not too long, yet it isn’t too short, either – this rhythm…

かるく雲にふれて 羽は風に乗る
いま 新しい街がみえる

karuku kumo ni furete hane wa kaze ni noru
ima atarashii machi ga mieru

I’m lightly touched by the clouds. My feathers ride the wind.
Now, a new town has come into view…

まだ 空の果てを知らない
いつまでも みたことのない向こう側に あこがれたまま

mada sora no hate wo shiranai
itsu made mo mita koto no nai mukougawa ni akogareta mama

I do not yet know the limits of the sky.
I’ve yearned for that other side, which I haven’t seen, for eternity…

気持ちは焦がれて 求めるもとめる
確かに 大切なものがそこにある
ふいに気づく声 となりあう影
急かされることはなく 遮られることもないリズム

kimochi wa kogarete motomeru motomeru
tashika ni taisetsu na mono ga soko ni aru
fui ni kidzuku koe tonari au kage
sekasareru koto wa naku saegirareru koto mo nai rizumu

My feelings yearn for it, and I seek it, seek it.
I’m sure that something important is there.
I’m suddenly aware of a voice. Those shadows sit side by side.
It’s not hurried along, yet it isn’t interrupted, either – this rhythm…

重なり交わり 離れるはなれる
月日が過ぎても かたちは変わらない
いまも残る声 わかりあう影
奪われることはなく 与えられることもないリズム

kasanari majiwari hanareru hanareru
tsuki hi ga sugitemo katachi wa kawaranai
ima mo nokoru koe wakariau kage
ubawareru koto wa naku ataerarenu koto mo nai rizumu

They overlap, they intersect, and they separate, they separate.
Though the years may pass, the form of what I search for is unchanging.
That voice remains, even now. Those shadows understand each other.
It isn’t stolen, yet it isn’t granted, either – this rhythm…

_ _ _ _ _

(1) The shadows are in fact the ‘selves’ of the speaker.

パラレルスカイ ~Ambitious Explorer || Parallel Sky ~Ambitious Explorer

Aratameパラレルスカイ ~Ambitious Explorer
parareru sukai ~Ambitious Explorer
Parallel Sky ~Ambitious Explorer

Vocals: Meramipop (めらみぽっぷ)
Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Arranged by: RD-Sounds
Album: Aratame (改) 【Official Site】
Circle: Diao ye zong (凋叶棕)
Event: C84

Original Theme: The Primal Scene of Japan the Girl Saw [少女が見た日本の原風景]

Requested by: Eiki

Subtitled video courtesy of Eiki Shiki: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BqmpgZPONg

Enter the parallel world of this song, and experience Sanae’s megalomania first-hand. Also, see if you can spot all of the references to her adventures! Some are easy, but some are hidden quite well…

Also, the lyrical content of this song seems to be quite similar to that of the original ‘Parallel Sky.’

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

(My heart rings, just like that bell…!)

When that silver-coloured wind blew…
I gazed upwards, and there – look! – was an unfamiliar sky.

I feel as if I’ve seen this wind’s colour before, yet I had lived without being aware of it.
Everything that surrounds me is the colour of illusions…

…My heart is aflutter, and as I wave my hand,
I grasp an illusion tightly in it.

–And now, with the light of that star shining in my hand, I’ll…!

It wasn’t written about
In any textbook.
It was a dream I drew up, hoping it would come true someday.

All of those things
Change into reality here, so…

–This place is such a beautiful wonderland.

(Ring, bell of my heart, just like Big Ben!) (1)

Everything reflected in my eyes is unconventional.
It’s sci-fi, and fantasy. It’s a utopia, for sure! (2)

Treasure is overflowing, and
Eccentrically dancing around.
Has my encounter with the unknown, which I continuously desired, finally happened?!

…My eyes are made to sparkle, and whilst I breathe in,
I grasp an illusion tightly in these hands.

And now, with that old, secret magic that should have crumbled away, I’ll…!

No matter what words I use,
You won’t believe it.
Everything should have been the stuff of legends…

But everything, and everyone,
Lives and breathes as if it’s an everyday thing, so…

– Perhaps, someday, I’ll even be able to meet a robot, right?

I try and
Gaze far away.
Though the sky reflected there
Is different
To that seen by everyone else…

I’m okay with it!
I hold these unshakeable feelings close to my chest.

I gaze up at this parallel sky,
Which spreads out far and wide…

…I breathe in, and if I’ve mustered up my courage,
I’ll make those illusions overflow out of my body!

–I cross over towards that sky, overflowing with freedom, where nothing can contain me!

At last, I head towards Goddesshood!
Even if things can’t be done by other people…
As for me, I can do them! Everything!

All of those things
Have granted me power…

–With those feelings as they are now, I’ll walk forwards!

(Together with that sound, I’ll step forth, with this single step…!)

_ _ _ _ _

(1) The original Japanese translates to ‘Westminster,’ which is another name for ‘Big Ben.’ The chime of Big Ben is a familiar sound to Japanese school students. 
Though ‘SF’ is written in the lyrics booklet, Merami actually sings ‘少し不思議’ (‘sukoshi fushigi’), which translates to ‘slightly fantastic,’ sticking with the initials.

революция || Revolution


Vocals: Kaori (かおり), AKIRA (奈槻晃)
Album: Extreme Final Feast
Circle: φnality Blast
Publisher: Far East Pirate Crew StrikerS (極東海賊団StrikerS)
Event: C87

Requested by (+ provider of Russian language assistance): Insomnia

Out of all the album covers I’ve featured on my blog so far, I think this album has the most psychedelic cover art yet. Putting that aside, this track appears to tell a grand narrative – it’s quite full on. It also has random Russian words. I won’t spoil anything, so please read it and enjoy it!

(By the way, I categorised this album as ‘Non-Touhou,’ as there are only around 3 Touhou-based tracks on the whole album.)

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

違えたその決意  掲げてぶつけて

moesagaru honou no naka mitsumeau sestra
chigaeta sono ketsui kakagete butsukete
kyoukyou meguri hajimeta haguruma wa tomaranai
hakuhyou no glaz ochiru namida
jidai ni shuushifu wo
ima, kakumei wo

The sisters gaze at each other from inside the blazing fires.
They hoist their differing wills, and clash together.
The gears that have started revolving madly around will not stop.
Tears fall from those eyes of thin glass.
A full stop will be placed on this era –
Now, the revolution…


“sore wa hagane to senketsu no majiwaru jidai
mazushii nagaramo sasaeatte ikitekita futari no imouto wa
otonatachi no okoshita oroka na isakai ni yotte hikisakareru.
imouto was ono jigoku no you na jidai wo ikinuki, imouto wo sagashitsudzuketeita. ”

“It was an age where steel and fresh blood came together.
Those two sisters, who managed to live by supporting themselves though they were poor,
Were split up by the foolish quarrel started by the adults.
The younger sister survived through that hellish age, continuously searching for her sister.”


unmei no itazura ni honrou saretzudzuketa

She continued to be toyed around with by the mischievousness of fate…

けたたましい喧騒 無関係と決め付けて

jinsei wo kuruwaseta otonatachi he no gnev
ketatamashii kensou mukankei to kimetsukete
sokui shita arata na touchisha sono sugata wa…!

The girl held rage towards the adults, who had thrown her life into chaos.
She decided that she would have nothing to do with that wild conflict.
However, the newly enthroned ruler was in fact…!


wakiokoru kansei no naka mitsumeau futari
kareru made sakendemo koe wa todokanai

Amongst the cheers welling up, those two stared at each other.
She shouted ‘till her cries withered up, but her voice did not reach its destination…


“sono ato, koujo wa seiken wo tori dokusai wo shiku koto to naru.
sono genkaku sugiru assei wa kanojo wo “koori no koujo” to shirashimeru koto ni naru no de atta.”

“Thereafter, the princess took power, and imposed a dictatorship.
As her tyrannical rule was so austere, she became known as the ‘Ice Princess.’”


koushou no kyoka? mitomeratenai wa
kono kuni no han’ei ni wa fuyou da wa
kokumin no genzei? mitomerarenai wa
eiga no ishizue ni natte morau wa

Permission to negotiate? I will not allow it.
It is unnecessary for the prosperity of this country.
Tax reductions for the people? I will not allow them.
I shall receive them as the cornerstone of our splendor.


kioku wo naku shite sugaritsuita kono basho
machigai kidzuiteru
dakedo tomaranai

She had lost her memories, so she clung to this place – this throne.
She knew she was making a mistake.
But, she would not stop.


“tami wa sude ni genkai wo mukaeteita.
yoron ga iseisha he no danzai he katamuku ni wa sou jikan wa kakaranakatta.
unmei no haguruma ga ima, meguri hajimeru…”

“The people had already reached their limits.
It took no time for public opinion to lean towards judgement against their statespeople.
Now, the gears of fate begin to turn…”


kawaikute kashikokute sono omokage wo urei
reikoku de mujihi na genjitsu ga osoikuru
kattou to kunou no sue kotae wo michibiku
kaerarenai no naraba semete watashi no te de

Feeling unhappy about that charming, wise figure,
A cruel, merciless reality attacks,
Leading towards the final answer of conflict and agony.
“If she cannot change, then at least, with these hands…”


yagate otozureru yoru
chi no namida wo nagashite
gouka no naka tachitsukusu koori no koujo

Before long, night arrived.
Weeping tears of blood,
The Ice Princess stood still within the hellfire.


moesagaru honou no naka mitsumeau sestra
chigaeta sono ketsui kakagete butsukete
kyoukyou meguri hajimeta haguruma wa tomaranai
hakuhyou no glaz ochiru namida
jidai ni shuushifu wo
ima, kakumei wo

The sisters gaze at each other from inside the blazing fires.
They hoist their differing wills, and clash together.
The gears that have started revolving madly around will not stop.
Tears fall from those eyes of thin glass.
A full stop will be placed on this era –
Now, the revolution…


moesagaru gouka no naka saigo ni sestra
chigaeta sono jinsei majiwaru shunkan
hakuhyou no glaza kareru namida
kakumei to shuushifu wo
ano toki kidzuiteireba
mirai wo kaerareta kana

In the blazing hellfire, the sisters are at their moment of death.
Their differing lives crossed for that moment.
The tears falling from those eyes of thin glass wither away.
Revolution, and a full stop.
If they had recognised each other at that time,
Perhaps they could have changed the future.


“kuzureochiru kyuuden. gouka ni kurumare mohaya dare ni mo sono shimai wo mokushi suru koto wa dekinakatta. sono ato arata na eirei wo matsurou to, mata toki no dokusaisha wo hazukashimeyou to itai wo sousaku shita ga tsui ni mitsukaru koto wa nakatta.
nigenobiteiru no ka, hai to natte shimatta no ka. ketsumatsu wa kami no mizo shiru.”

“The palace crumbled down. No longer could anyone see those two sisters, wrapped up in flames. Afterwards, to enshrine the new spirits of the dead, and to disgrace the ruler of the day, the people searched for her corpse. However, it was not found.
Did she escape, or did she burn to ashes? The end is known only to God…”

巡る業 || Returning Karma

Maiden Purgatory巡る業
meguru gou
Returning Karma

Vocals: Ranko
Lyrics: Ranko
Arranged by: Comp
Album: Maiden Purgatory (少女煉獄)
Circle: Butaotome (豚乙女)
Event: C84
Original: Child of Are [阿礼の子供]

Requested by: Roboscape
Subtitled video courtesy of Eiki Shiki:

The… bagpipes (?) at the start of this song initially turned me off, but I must admit they’ve grown on me. It kind of matches the desolate, hopeless mood of the song. The ‘meguru’ 巡る in the title is a ‘meguru’ that specifically refers to things that go around in some sort of order. So, the events of the song can be seen as a sort of cycle of despair…

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


horobi no uta utau
shoujo wa tachisukumu

That maiden stands paralysed,
Singing a song of destruction…

終わりとは 始まりだ

yorokobi mo kanashimi mo ikari mo
subete ga mu ni kisu
owari to wa hajimari da
tazusaeta kakugo wo kokoro ni

Joy, sadness, and anger…
Everything returns to nothing.
Endings are beginnings…
My resolution is held inside my heart.

覚えている 記憶の向こう側も
忘れられぬ これから生きることも
暖かさは 幻

oboeteiru kioku no mukougawa mo
wasurerarenu korekara ikiru koto mo
atatakasa wa maboroshi

I remember it – the opposite side of my memories, and…
I cannot forget it – living from here on, as well.
Warmth, too, is an illusion.

神様 何故なの?

kioku no dorei da to
iwarete waratteta
「mi-are no kodomo wa hitsuyouaku」
kamisama naze na no?

The slave of memories:
People called me that, and I smiled…
“Children of Mi-Are are a necessary evil”
O, Lord, why is this so?

始まって 終わっても

hajimatte owattemo
danzai wa nasarezu hatasezu

Though it starts, though it finishes,
Judgement is not established, is not carried out…

手を伸ばせば 消えてく

noroiakita sadame wo kamikudaite
mukougawa no egao wo omoidasedo
te wo nobaseba kieteku

I crunched up my fate of curses, which I had tired of.
I remembered your face, smiling on the opposite side, and
When I reached out my hand, it disappeared.

繋いでいく 命を

nozondeita heion kuzuresatte
watashi wa mata hitori de gou wo meguru
sutesarenai omoi wo mune ni daite
namida hitotsu otoshite furikaerazu
tsunaideiku inochi wo

The tranquility that I longed for went and crumbled away.
I am still alone, and karma goes around and around…
I clutch thoughts I cannot abandon close to my chest.
A single teardrop falls, and without turning my head,
I go and fasten it… my own life.

始まりの夜 || Night of Beginnings

Star Seeker始まりの夜
hajimari no yoru
Night of Beginnings

Vocals: yukina
Lyrics: yukina
Arranged by: tomoya
Album: World of Illusions -The Star Seeker-  (幻想世界 -TheStarSeeker-)
Event: C82
Original Theme: The Purest Sky and Sea [最も澄みわたる空と海]

Requested by: SeijaK14

This is seriously calm. And relaxing. ‘The Purest Sky and Sea’ is that sort of theme, I guess… As a side note, watch out for the sudden tense changes!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

oto mo naku nagare sugiyuku sekai
yume no you da keredo utsutsu no you ni yoru no saki wo miteta

The soundless currents pass by the world…
Though it’s like a dream, it’s like reality. We were looking at the end of the night.

miageta sora wa doko made mo fukakute nomikomare sou da

The sky we look up at is deep enough to reach anywhere. It looks like it’s being swallowed up…

mienai mono wo miyou toshite futari fushigi sou ni tada iki wo hisomete

Those two hold their breath in wonder, trying to see something that cannot be seen.

shizuka na nagare ni mimi wo sumaseba
kono sekai ni futari dake no you de
kako to mirai ga tsunagaru
hoshi wo oikakete doko he yukou
nagai michi ga tsudzuiteru
hikari to yami no mabayui gensou
shoujo wa tachidomaru

If you strain your ears inside these silent currents,
In this world, seemingly made for just those two,
The past and the future are tied together.
Let’s chase after a star – let’s go anywhere!
This long path continues…
It’s a dazzling fantasy of dark and light.
That girl stands still.

saa tabi no hajimari da
mada minu sekai no hate he dou ka tsureteitte
ima nara mieru hazu sa ikou ka

Come, it’s the beginning of our journey!
I’ll take you with me, towards the end of a world we haven’t seen yet.
If it’s now, we should be able to see it – shall we go?

kami wo nabikase tsukiakari no shita kage ga odotta
shinjitsu motomete kono sora no kanata umi yori fukaku sagashite ikou

Our hair fluttered around, and shadows danced in the moonlight.
Let’s go searching for truth across the sky, which is deeper than the ocean.

oto mo naku nagare sugiyuku sekai
yume no you da keredo utsutsu no you ni yume no saki wo miteta
hoshi wo oikakete doko he yukou
nagai michi ga tsudzuiteru
hikari to yami no mabayui gensou
futari ga deatta kiseki sagashi ni yukou

The soundless currents pass by the world…
Though it’s like a dream, it’s like reality. We were looking at the end of the night.
Let’s chase after a star – let’s go anywhere!
This long path continues…
It’s a dazzling fantasy of dark and light.
Those two go searching for the miracle they came across.

J’aime Ib || I Love Ib

GuertenaJ’aime Ib
I Love Ib

Lyrics: Moyoko Akutagawa (みずよし)
Arranged by: Hiroyuki Iwama (いわまひろゆき)
Album: The world of Guertena
Circle: Kairaku Ongakudou (快楽音楽堂)
Event: C82

Requested by: Amilka

The first track from this album, written entirely in reverse romaji. Since there aren’t any kanji, a lot of my Japanese ‘translation’ is based on guesswork.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

A kuo soro koroso rosa
lanarie amo
A don omoni sata wawubi
A don ominane amo


omae nanimono da
ibu wa watashi no mono da
omae iranai
a sorosoro korosou ka

Who are you?
Ib is mine, you know!
We don’t need you.
Ah, perhaps I should kill you slowly…

Use kioinon irume kit
At iutino to ka
Gaki a wijaonok a bata
Tisukar a deus


sue daraku shita
tabako no aji wa ikaga
koto ni tsuita
chi kemuri no nioi kesu

How is the taste of the tobacco
That you smoked and discarded?
I erase the smells
Of blood and smoke from the surroundings…

a suri kirie ome to tuhi a not terap
A nia tisan a how Arutia
Enu oyo nekuodu rem uowoko dok
I eko duhciak ekakerewok


kowarekake kaichuudokei
kodoku wo umeru douke no you ne
aitsura wo hanashitai na
paretto naifu totemo eiri kiru sa

I’m a broken pocket watch.
I’m like a jester, burying my isolation…
I want to separate those two.
My palette knife is sharp – I shall cut them!

Ira in a kanon eira emo
k at euinia
A utirnesureragan
A ira on ukum

流れる旋律 あ

muku no aria
nagareru senritsu a
ai ni ueta
ko meari e no naka ni ari

An aria of purity.
Its melody flows by, aah…
Inside the painting of the child Mary,
Who hungers for love

Je t’aime moi champ de fleurs || I Love My Field of Flowers

kaenJe t’aime moi champ de fleurs
I Love My Field of Flowers

Vocals: Ranko (ランコ)
Lyrics: aoma
Arranged by: Shibayan
Album: Kaen Ranzen (花筵爛然)
Circle: Solo Buta-R (そろぶた-R)
Event: Kageki no Utage (2012)
Original Theme: Lotus Love

Requested by: Marisa-nya
Subtitled video courtesy of Marisa-nya:

I must confess, I’ve had an almost completely translated version of this sitting around on my hard drive for a ridiculously long time. I just never shared it anywhere. Anyway, I touched it up a bit, and here it is!

Though the vocalist is Ranko, this technically isn’t a Buta-Otome song – instead, it’s from a solo album by Ranko, collaborating with various arrangers (hence the ‘Solo Buta’ circle name). The title doesn’t really appear to mean anything in Japanese – the closest thing to a translation would be ‘Brilliant Flower Mat.’ The event name is similar, meaning something like ‘Feast of Extraordinary Flowers.’

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

熱い紅茶 燻る午後に
今 わたし夢を見てる

ichigo no mirufiiyu
amai kaori ni yurare
atsui koucha kuyuru gogo ni
ima watashi yume wo miteru

A strawberry mille-feuille.
A sweet fragrance is wafting around.
In this smouldering afternoon of hot tea,
Now, I’m dreaming.


ringo taruto tatan
mitsubachitachi no warutsu
kaaten goshi ni en wo egaku
itazura na natsu no hizashi ni……

An apple tarte tatin.
The honeybees are waltzing around.
Beyond the curtains, they draw a circle
In the mischievous rays of the summer sun…


hachimitsu furomaaju
tsumamu himawari batake
minto iro no sora no shita de
tokimeki to mizu wo agemashou

Honey fromage.
A field of plucked sunflowers.
Under the mint-coloured sky,
Let us overwhelm them with water.

雨上がり 虹咲く 花畑で逢う
幸せの歌 唄いましょう 踊りましょう

ameagari niji saku hanabatake de au
tobikiri suteki na okurimono
shiawase no uta utaimashou odorimashou

After the rain, meet me there, at the field where rainbows bloom.
I’ll give you an extraordinarily lovely present.
Let us sing a song of happiness… Let’s dance…

晴れた空 眺める ひとときには

hareta sora nagameru hitotoki ni wa
sou anata ni soba ni ite hoshii to

Whilst gazing at the clear sky,
Yes… I’d like to be close to you, for just a little bit…


nee, yume miteru no……

Hey… I’m dreaming…

Tableaux d’une exposition || Pictures at an Exhibition

GuertenaTableaux d’une exposition
Pictures at an Exhibition

Vocals: Rimiyu Amami (麻観りみゆ)
Lyrics: Moyoko Akutagawa (みずよし)
Arranged by: Hiroyuki Iwama (いわまひろゆき)
Album: The world of Guertena
Circle: Kairaku Ongakudou (快楽音楽堂)
Event: C82

Requested by: Amilka

This doujin album is based on the popular RPG maker horror/art simulation game Ib [Download link]. It centres around three characters – Ib, Garry, and Mary.

Now, for some notes about the song – I thought the starting bit was in some sort of made up language, until I tried to read it backwards, and realised that it was actually Romanised Japanese, but in reverse! I ‘translated’ it back into Japanese and rewrote it below. As I’m unfamiliar with the story and characters, I didn’t make any judgements regarding who the narrator is. It changes throughout the song – keep in mind that ‘boku’ is a masculine pronoun, so when you hear ‘boku,’ it’s probably Garry talking.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Oyedni sin ir a wa Koniatiran in uyi
Joy uremoki jotow a tana
A day it tobiroti
Huo bosa in ohsi UB ioye dio

ひとりぼっち いやだ!
自由になりたいの かわりに死んでよ

oide yo Ib issho ni asobou
hitoribocchi iyada
anata wo tojikomeru yo
jiyuu ni naritai no kawari ni shinde yo

Come, Ib, let’s play together.
I don’t want to be all by myself!
I’ll lock you up.
I want to be free – die in my place!

女の子 手を惹かれやっと出会えた

iro no nai kyanbasu wo kakenuketa no
kimi wa Fantasy
onna no ko te wo hikare yatto deaeta
boku wa Destiny

I ran through a canvas void of colour.
You’re a fantasy…
I was drawn by that girl’s hand – we were able to meet at last.
I’m your destiny…

honokurai yami no naka de bokura wa motometa
chiisa na kubisuji wo terasu hikari to
shizuka na nukumori wo

In the gloomy darkness, we pursued
The light shining on the nape of your tiny neck,
And a peaceful warmth…

少女のpapier colle

tenrankai no e
iki wo hisome samayou nazo
giwaku no ROSE akashite
「nee, tobira wo hiraite!」
kikagakuteki ni kousa suru ame
shoujo no papier colle

Pictures at an exhibition.
An enigma prowls around with bated breath…
The rose of doubt is revealed.
“Hey, open the door!”
The rain intersects geometrically,
Over that maiden’s papier collé (1)

さよならの赤い糸 手繰り寄せて

sayonara no akai ito taguriyosete
kimi ga nageku yo
sekaijuu de hitoribocchi
sonna akumu ni kimi wa warau yo

You haul in the red string of farewells,
And you grieve.
You’re alone in the wide world.
In this nightmare, you smile…


tsukiyo ni chiru hakanaki omoi wa hatenai
paretto ni mazaru akui
chuushouteki na uchuu de
mamagoto wo shimashouka

Those transient feelings, scattered through the moonlit night, are without end.
Ill will mingles in the palette…
In this abstract universe,
Shall we play house?


「oite ikanaide!」
kiiro no ROSE moyashite
「nee, hitori ni shinaide」
mijime ni kowareru yume mita… yo?

“Don’t leave me behind…!”
The voice was loud enough to pierce my eardrums.
I burn that yellow rose.
“Hey, don’t leave me alone!”
I had a dream that was broken wretchedly… right?


kubi no nai koibito no rondo wa nariyamanai
shinkai no arabesuku
tereezu no komoriuta

The rondo of headless lovers sounds without end.
It’s an arabesque of the deep sea –
Teresa’s lullaby…


boku to kimi to bara to koi

You, I, the rose, and love…

Hold me tight 君が望んでる因果律

Hold me tight kimi ga nozonderu ingaritsu
haguruma nejireteku chiku taku to
ai to kiseki irimajiru hanakotoba
Labyrinth doukoku ni nijimu tear

Hold me tight – it’s the law of cause and effect that you wish for.
The gears twist – ‘tick, tock…’
Love and miracles are mixed into this floriography,
And tears run through this wailing labyrinth…

A kano nim a yo
Kot a wi a kesonis
A kano neo yure tisia
A rabi oa
A rabi aka
In a darak o wia

赤い 薔薇
蒼い 薔薇
愛してるよ 絵の中

ai wo karada ni
akai bara
aoi bara
aishiteru yo e no naka
shi no sekai wa toko
yami no naka

Love is in my body…
Red roses,
Blue roses.
I love you. The world of death
Is inside this painting,
In the darkness…

gallete des rois

The cake of kings. (2)


honou no you na foovisumu
zankoku na dadaisuto

Fauvism, like the flames…
A cruel Dadaist…


tenrankai no e
iki wo hisome samayou nazo
giwaku no ROSE akashite
「nee, tobira wo hiraite!」
kikagakuteki ni kousa suru aaa…

Pictures at an exhibition.
An enigma prowls around with bated breath…
The rose of doubt is revealed:
“Hey, open the door!”
The [aah] intersects geometrically… (3)


「oite ikanaide!」
kiiro no ROSE moyashite
「nee, hitori ni shinaide」
migi to hidari no te tsunagu yume

“Don’t leave me behind…!”
The voice was loud enough to pierce my eardrums.
I burn that yellow rose.
“Hey, don’t leave me alone!”
It’s a dream that ties both of my hands together…

少女のpapier colle

shoujo no papier colle

That maiden’s papier collé

_ _ _ _ _

(1) papier collé = collage
(2) I kind of think that it’s meant to be galerie des rois, or ‘the gallery of kings,’ unless a cake of kings features in the original game…
(3) The sentence is cut off with an ‘aah,’ but I had to put the ‘aah’ earlier because of my mortal enemy sentence structure.

Tear Rain

Radical DestructionTear Rain

Vocals: Emii (えみぃ)
Lyrics: Mizuyoshi (みずよし)
Arranged by: cYsmix
Album: Radical Destruction
Circle: Amateras Records
Event: C84
Original Theme: The Centennial Festival for Magical Girls [魔法少女達の百年祭]

Requested by: Eiki
Subtitled video courtesy of Nii Chii:

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

優しい夢の刻印を 刻みゆく 消えないように

furishikiru gouu no naka
yasashii yume no kokuin wo kizamiyuku kienai you ni

In the torrential rain,
I carve out a seal of this tender dream, so it won’t fade away.

ねぇ…どうして、こんなにも甘く 芳るの?
罪の色 一雫 ポタリ滴る

nee… doushite, konna ni mo amaku kaoru no?
tsumi no iro hitoshizuku potari shitataru

“Hey… why do you smell so sweet?”
A liquid, the colour of sin, falls drop by drop…

あぁ…人知れず 咲き誇る 真紅の一輪花
私の胸の奥 震わす
細く白い指 絡み付く 無垢なる微笑で 射抜いた

aa… hitoshirezu sakihokoru shinku no ichirinka
watashi no mune no oku furuwasu
hosoku shiroi yubi karamitsuku muku naru hohoemi de inuita

Aah, unknown to all, that deep crimson flower is in full bloom.
The inside of my chest is shaking…
I twined my slender white fingers around, and with an innocent smile, I pierced through you.

貴女に罪の十字架を 刻みたい 消えないように

furisosogu hikari no moto
anata ni tsumi no juujika wo kizamitai kienai you ni

Under a downpour of light,
I want to carve the cross of sin onto you, so you won’t fade away… (1)

罪の味 一雫 ポタリ滴る

nee… doushite, konna ni mo fukaku eguru no?
tsumi no aji hitoshizuku potari shitataru

“Hey… why are you so deeply gouged?”
The flavour of sin falls drop by drop…

あぁ…人知れず 咲き誇る 真紅の一輪花
私の胸の奥 狂わす
細く白い首 触れた時 熱を帯びた吐息 ヒトツに

aa…hitoshirezu sakihokoru shinku no ichirinka
watashi no mune no oku kuruwasu
hosoku shiroi kubi fureta toki netsu wo obita toiki hitotsu ni

Aah, unknown to all, that deep crimson flower is in full bloom.
The inside of my chest is going mad…
When you touched my slender white neck, I let out a feverish sigh. We became one– (2)

人知れず 狂い咲く 真紅の一輪花
私の奥深く 揺さぶる
甘い甘い夢 罪の味 ポタリと一雫
深い闇へと 混じる

hitoshirezu kuruizaku shinku no ichirinka
watashi no oku fukaku yusaburu
amai amai yume tsumi no aji potari to hitoshizuku
fukai yami he to majiru

Aah, unknown to all, that deep crimson flower blooms out of season.
The inside of my chest is intensely shaking…
A single drop of this sweet, sweet dream, the flavour of sin, drips down.
It mixes in with the deep darkness as it falls.

_ _ _ _ _

(1) The way 貴女 ‘anata’ (you) is written in kanji makes it clear that the one Flandre is talking to is a female.
(2) The original phrase is merely ヒトツに, ‘One…’ Though it is possible to link it to the sigh earlier in the sentence, the emphasis on ‘one’ makes me think that the end of the phrase is cut off (so I interpreted it and added in ‘we become’)

いざや大團圓、帷無き世へ。 || Come, Now, To the End, Towards a Curtainless World.

izaya daidon’en, tobari naki yo he.
Come, Now, To the End, Towards a Curtainless World.

Vocals: Mano Yukari (真野紫)
Lyrics: Ameno Harutsumi (飴野はるつみ)
Arranged by: Ameno Orca (飴野ヲルカ)
Album: Cherry Blossom Rain Cinématographe ~Mystical Tale of A Hundred Years of the Taisho Era~ (櫻雨キネマトグラフ ~大正壹佰年奇譚~)
Circle: Automata Girl (全自動少女)
Event: C83
Original Theme: Necrofantasia [ネクロファンタジア]

Requested by: Roboscape
Subtitled video courtesy of Kappashiro:

A quick note about the title – いざや (‘izaya’) has a strong connotation of ‘beckoning’ someone to do something, or to go somewhere. Though I translated it as ‘Come, now, to the end,‘ it is possible that the speaker is in fact inviting ‘the end’ to go somewhere (in this case, towards a curtainless world).

Of course, my usual spiel about archaic Japanese applies here, too. I kept the romaji as close to what is sung as possible, since the vocalist doesn’t exactly sing what is written down… For example, やうに ‘yau ni’ is pronounced ‘you ni’ in the song (and in modern Japanese), so I left it as that. The identity of the speaker is an enigma – almost all of the pronouns have come about as a result of my own interpretation.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

誘はれ 迷子踊戯び 眺むる頂の果てに
騒めく函庭見下ろせば 啼き嗤ひ人は叢集ふ

izanaware mayoigo odori asobi nagamuru itadaki no hate ni
sawameku hakoniwa mioroseba naki warai hito wa mue tsudou

The lost children dance and play. They have been beckoned to the edge of this peak, which we gaze at.
If you look down upon that rustling, miniature garden, you will see the singing, laughing people gather together…

其れならば 何呉と渾て愛せるやうに
演ずる侭 今日に然様なら

sore naraba nanikure to subete aiseru you ni
enzuru mama kyou ni sayounara

If that is so, I bid farewell to today,
Whilst acting as if I love everything in various ways…

孤独な客席に佇み 遠眼鏡覗けば何時も
櫻雨に打たれ微睡む 徒な世界の中で

kodoku na kyakuseki ni tatazumi toomegane nozokeba itsumo
sakura ame ni utare madoromu itazure na sekai no naka de

When I linger in an isolated audience seat, and peer out through spectacles,
I am always struck by a rain of cherry blossoms, and I fall into a slumber within this vain world…

詐る事にも 眼を瞑れば今日は素晴し

haguruma wo tagaeta koto ni mo
itsuwaru koto ni mo me wo tsumureba kyou wa subarashi

If you shut your eyes to those conflicted gears, and
Deception, as well, today will be wonderful…


dare hitori suteeji ni noboru sono tame ni
michi wo samayotte ayunde kita wake de wa nai koto
shinji nagara mo kidzukeba kaatenkooru mukaeru no sa

There is no reason why one would have arrived here after becoming lost on the road.
Whilst believing, a curtain call will welcome them before they are aware of it.
This is done so all may climb upon the stage…

夢で亦 遇へると識つても
眠れぬなら 眼を閉ざして今日に口附け

yume de mata aeru to shittemo
nemurenu nara me wo tozashite you ni kuchi tsuke

Though I am aware that I can meet you again in my dreams,
If I cannot sleep, then I shall open my eyes and kiss today.

振反らず誰もが 憂ひ乍抱歩み往くならば

yoru ga meguri pareedo wa tsudzuku
furi kaerazu dare mo ga urei idaki nagara ayumi yuku naraba
izaya tobari naki yo he
kaaten kooru no mukou he to

Night returns, and the parade continues…
If all are to walk forwards whilst embracing grief, without looking back,
Then come, to a curtainless world,
Beyond that curtain call, where something awaits you…