Insanity -Rebirth-

Insanity -Rebirth- Vocals: Ringo Aoba (青葉りんご)Chorus: Miki Tsuchiya (土屋実紀)Lyrics: TaishiComposed by: TaishiAlbum: TRanswing -The Inner Gaze-Circle: TRakkerEvent: C79 Requested by: Tgain 壊れ始めてる私の心 (いのち) が饗宴の赤の檻からもう戻れないの… koware hajimeteru watashi no inochi gakyouen no aka no ori karamou modorenai no… My life has started to break away. (1)I can no longer returnfrom this banquet’s red cage… 吸い込まれる欲望に預けたい…この身を… suikomareru yokubou niazuketai…… Continue reading Insanity -Rebirth-

苔蒸す庭 || The Mossy Garden

苔蒸す庭 kokemusu niwa The Mossy Garden Vocals: AnnabelLyrics: AnnabelComposed by: myuAlbum: NoctilucaEvent: C79 Requested by: Qingyue ずっと前から知っていた 初めてなのに懐かしい場所 zutto mae kara shitte ita hajimete nanoni natsukashii basho I knew it all along. It was my first time visiting, yet that place was so nostalgic. 雲割れ光が映し出す幻影(まぼろし) kumo ware hikari ga utsushi dasu maboroshi The clouds part and… Continue reading 苔蒸す庭 || The Mossy Garden

それでも館は廻っている || Even So, the Mansion Turns

それでも館は廻っている sore demo yakata wa mawatte iru Even So, the Mansion Turns Vocals: Meramipop (めらみぽっぷ) Lyrics: RD-Sounds Arranged by: RD-Sounds Album: Meguri (廻) 【Official Site】 Circle: Diao ye zong (凋叶棕) Event: C79 Original themes: -The Maid and the Pocket Watch of Blood [メイドと血の懐中時計] –Flowering Night [フラワリングナイト] Requested by: Spoondere (非公式の)英訳だけです。申し訳ありません。 The mansion is turning, but it… Continue reading それでも館は廻っている || Even So, the Mansion Turns

瞼と光と恋の歌 || A Song of Eyelids, Light, and Love

瞼と光と恋の歌 mabuta to hikari to koi no uta A Song of Eyelids, Light, and Love Vocals: SYO Lyrics: Blue E Arranged by: Swing Holic Band Album: SWING HOLIC VOL.06 【Official Site】 Circle: SWING HOLIC Event: C79 Original Theme: Last Remote [ラストリモート] Requested by: Linginser 見えないのは見せてないから 閉ざされた穏やかさ mienai no wa misetenai kara tozasareta odayakasa My sealed-away calmness can’t be seen… Continue reading 瞼と光と恋の歌 || A Song of Eyelids, Light, and Love

Separate Wings

Separate Wings Vocals: Ringo Aoba (青葉りんご) Lyrics: Taishi Composed by: Taishi Album: TRanswing -The Inner Gaze- 【Official Site】 Circle: TRakker Event: C79 Requested by: mr.deagle Just a note: the parts in brackets sometimes echo what comes before, but I think they should be read separately from the non-bracketed text. The inconsistent nature of this made it hard to… Continue reading Separate Wings

誓いの箱舟 || The Ark of Oaths

誓いの箱舟 chikai no hakobune The Ark of Oaths Vocals: YuNa (遊女), Cherose Lyrics: Shishimai #3 (ししまい三号) Arranged by: Shishimai #3 (ししまい三号) Album: Blue Moon (蒼月) 【Official Site】 Circle: Shishimai Brothers Event: C79 Original Theme: Voyage 1969 [ヴォヤージュ1969] Requested by: Gachi I think Cherose has such a good voice! I feel like I haven’t heard him in a while,… Continue reading 誓いの箱舟 || The Ark of Oaths

ドライフラワー || dryflower

ドライフラワー dorai furawaa dryflower Vocals: 野。 Lyrics: 野。 Arranged by: 野。 Album: dryflower 【Official Site】 Circle: activity Event: C79 Original Theme: Flowering Night [フラワリングナイト] Requested by: Kaleival This album is currently being distributed for free on the album’s official page. Just visit the official site and click on the album artwork! The lyrics themselves are quite interesting.… Continue reading ドライフラワー || dryflower

子守唄-song for you- || Lullaby -Song for You-

子守唄-song for you- komori uta-song for you- Lullaby -Song for You- Vocals: lily-an Lyrics: lily-an Arranged by: kaztora Album: SONG FOR YOU (S4U) 【Official Site】 Circle: Liz Triangle Event: C79 Original Theme: Deaf to All but the Song [もう歌しか聞こえない] Requested by: Kitty 英訳だけです。申し訳ありません。 My first Liz Triangle album was reunion, and in the years since that album came… Continue reading 子守唄-song for you- || Lullaby -Song for You-

Snow Sound

Snow Sound Vocals: Maika (舞歌) Lyrics: NAGI☆ Composed by: NAGI☆ Album: Fairy Queen 【Official Site】 Circle: FELT Event: C79 Requested by: Marisa~Nya Winter. Loneliness. Sorrow. This is an early FELT original, but I quite enjoy it – it has a very refreshing feel to it, even though the lyrics are sad. You can kind of… Continue reading Snow Sound